Sunday, July 4, 2010

TVTropes is the most distracting site I've encountered.

Just spent over 4-5 hours distracted on TVTropes. In the middle of the night. I should have known what was coming (and in fact I did).

I actually forgot what led me there in the first place-- I usually avoid the site for exactly this reason. (I already am very likely to be distracted by wiki-type sites... (It seems to be proportional to the density of links. And TVTropes is absolutely full of them.))

(Density of links... I thought there was only one Link in any given portion of the (controversial) Zelda timeline. Isn't there?)


In comparison, I probably could have spent the same amount of time adding a 1-3 more levels to ZGC, fixing a few YIKR2 levels (the number depending on density of vanishing items and whether any glitches require more than a few object/sprite movements), making 1/3 to 1/2 of a YI level (or maybe less, considering how long I prefer non-joke SMW/YI levels to be), or completing 5-10 or so levels in an ordinary TSRP2 playthrough (yes the levels in my favorite hack are so difficult that they can take that long even for me, at least in the later worlds).

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